Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to marginalized producers and workers

Since its inception the motto of Maroma has been to put people before machines, hence our work environment reflects this maxim. We are a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Forum India.

We follow the Fair Trade policy for all those involved with the company, taking care of the cleanliness and safety of the work space to the well being of the
workers. We have always run our business with consciousness and integrity to produce not only a beautiful product, but to produce it in an environment conductive to creativity for all those involved in the company.

By employing primarly women from the surrounding villages, Maroma creates economic opportunities for disadvantaged workers.

Maroma initiated a free food link for a community kitchen by helping fund two farms. Today they are able to maintain this free exchange of food on their own.

Maroma provides a safe and pleasant workplace with state of the art facilities, along with several trainings. All issues can be reported to the in house Welfare committee.

Maroma contributes financially to several schools in the community. this contribution has been established for many years and is helping children in variety of ways.

Maroma’s employees are mostly women, paid according to their skill irrespective of their gender. We only value work and ethic with no gender discrimination.

Maroma helped built toilets and to bring clean water in the surrounding village with two bore wells and water tanks.

maroma generates about 35% of its total required energy from its own solar panels, on the roof of the company building.

Maroma cares about improving employees skills and capabilities. they receive training, annual increments and other welfare benefits. Special loans can be provided based on necessity.

Maroma started with hand rolled incense sticks in two huts, to employ today more than one hundred people. We have updated our facilities with semi-automated machines.

Maroma is an equal opportunity employer. We recognise all people irrespective of their gender, religion, nationality, political affiliation or professional skills.

Maroma is not owned by any individual but by a Trust, and is part of the Auroville community. Auroville completely offsets its electricity usage with wind generated energy contributed to the grid.

Maroma manages its waste through recycling and is mostly using ingredients that are recyclable and naturally abundant or taken from renewable resources.

Maroma is continually searching for materials creating the least impact on the environment, for example recyclable plastic or packing with handmade paper.

In Maroma, we filter our waste water with seek pits before it is absorbed into the ground.

All of the Maroma’s products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals and most of the them are vegan (only a few contain honey).

Maroma is part of the Auroville community-Puducherry and Auroville are moving toward becoming the first certified Fair Trade Twin Towns in India.

Maroma is the part of the World fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade India and Fair Trade Forum India. By raising awareness about fair trade, we work for a sustainable development.