Paul Pinthon was trained in France as an assistant pharmacist.

In 1974 he left France to come to Auroville, India which has been his home ever since.

Paul is a founding member of Maroma. He creates perfumes for the unit’s large range of products, including candles.

When candles are poured into molds, there is wax overflow and at times candles are rejected due to imperfections both of which leave some leftover wax which is collected and stored in metal buckets.

Paul became inspired by the various colors of stored wax and started to bring new life to this wax by creating unique candle forms.

In some of his work, Paul was attracted by the industrial aesthetic. He combined two very different materials together: wax and metal. To attach large pieces of wax together and form sculptures he used metal nuts, bolts and screws which were sourced from second hand shops.

Earliest works included candles inspired by his great love of Japanese gardens. Working with granite and white square candles, a new genre of candles was born.

The primary purpose of candles is to be burned, to bring light. These creative wax candle sculptures should be lit to cast their own unique radiance!

They are sculptures with a purpose and utility, as sources of light. Their striking designs add presence and character to living areas and they are functional works of art when illuminated. A candle flame both evokes and invokes an aspiration, a prayer, a conscious will attracting all things good and positive.

Candles have illuminated the world for centuries and Paul’s work pays homage to the past by celebrating the enduring legacy of candles as objects of art and utility.