Kalki Incense 10 Sticks

This appealing stick incense collection is a mordern touch to traditional Indian incense. The fragrances are lush and spicy with rich floral and fruit notes. Theses striking red handmade paper packages are adorned with a lovely mandala for each fragrance.

Kalki incense is crafted from natural botanical ingredients and fragranced with blends containing natural essential oils.

Available in 10 fragrances: Abundance, Blessing, Clarity, Devotion, Evening Offering, Fulfillment, Gratitude, Inner Peace, Morning Offering, Silent Prayer.

Kalki Votive 70gms/95gms

These Kalki Luminaries are stunning! The fragrances are as rich and spicy as an Indian bazaar and the elegant mandala designs produce enchanting patterns of light and shadow when illuminated by candlelight.

Each votive is 100% Eco-Friendly : made with recycled glass, cotton wick, eco packaging and with natural palm wax and fragrance blended with natural essential oils.

Available in 70gms and 95gms in 10 fragrances: Clarity, Evening Offering, Inner Peace, Morning Offering, Victory, White Lotus.