Aromatherapy Body Spray 10ml

100% Natural.

These exceptional aromatherapy body sprays are formulated with the finest natural essential oils and promote the well being of mind and body through the convenience of a spray. Our unique blends include no synthetic ingredients so that they may accompany your natural life style in this compact 10ml travel size bottle which allows you to enhance and refresh the mood when desired. Alcohol base and free of Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Parabens, and Synthetic Fragrance.

Available in 4 fragrances: Uplifting, Recharge, Stress Away, Clear Mind.

Aromatherapy Bath Salts 60gms

100% Natural.
Maroma Aromatherapy Bath Salts are a pure blending of natural goodness containing only mineral-rich salts and essential botanic extracts. Free of unnecessary additives such as artificial fragrance, preservatives, and color, these baths salts provide a soothing, nurturing, and luxurious bathing experience. Can also be used for a foot bath.

Available in 4 fragrances: Uplifting, Recharge, Stress Away, Clear Mind.

Aromatherapy Incense 10 Sticks

100% Natural – From the purest natural ingredients

Each fragrance has been carefully crafted through a sensitive blending of many essential oils. They are composed and hand-blended using the classic art of balancing fragrance resonance and affinity.

Through the balance and interplay of these properties, the resulting products come alive and exude aromas that promote a multiplicity of positive attributes that add new dimensions to home fragrance.

Available in 4 fragrances:

  • Uplifting
  • Recharge
  • Stress Away
  • Clear Mind

Aromatherapy Face Serums 50gms

100% Natural.The Aromatherapy Face serums are formulated to answer to different skin needs.

8 serums available:

  • Turmeric Serum : Exceptional Skin Benefits
  • Moringa Serum : Nutrient Rich
  • Saffron Serum: Rejuvenating
  • Apple Stem Serum: Restore
  • Avocado & Apricot Serum : Repair
  • Jojoba Serum : Firming
  • Almond Serum : Smooth Complexion
  • Under Eye Serum : Revives
  • Under Eye Gel : Firming

Day Face Cream 50gms

100% Natural.

Lavender Rosemary with Moringa

An effective anti-aging face cream with a base of nutritive-rich oils blended with Moringa oil and Aloe Butter. Our formula helps prevent and correct dull complexion, dryness, and wrinkles.

Aromatherapy Shower Gel 200ml

100% Natural.

Start and end your day with our refreshing range of Shower Gels made with all natural fragrances. Infused with the same blend of natural essential oils as our other Aromatherapy body care products these are added into a mild base, to cleanse and leave you feeling fresh.

Available in 2 fragrances: Lavender Rosemary, Geranium Clary Sage.

Aromatherapy Shampoo 200ml

100% Natural.

Our Aromatherapy line of natural Shampoos combines the efficacy of essential oils with the goodness of floral extracts to give you total hair care. They are mild and can be used frequently to clean and impart a sweet and lasting all natural fragrance to your hair.

They bring balance to the working of the sebaceous glands in your scalp, while gently cleansing your hair, suffusing it with a healthy sheen. Feel the renewed life in your hair after every wash, bestowed by the hair care properties of Hibiscus, Calendula, Rosemary and Moringa.

Available in 2 fragrances: Lavender Rosemary, Geranium Clary Sage.