Square Reed Diffuser 140ml

One of the most recent trends in the home fragrance market sees the growing popularity of reed diffusers. These fragrance diffusers provide a flawless air freshener that creates a soothing atmosphere and is a much ‘greener’ way to enjoy fragrance as there is no petroleum/paraffin used in this product.Our fragrance blended with Essential and Natural oils, is a stylish way to scent your room constantly and efficiently.

Available in 9 Fragrances: Tonka Vetiver, Frangipani, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Lotus, Opium, Orange Cinnamon, Rose, Lavender.

Flower Blush Reed Diffuser 140ml.

The Flower and Reeds in Flower Blush Reed Diffusers slowly develop a tinge as the cotton wick of the sola flower and the reeds draw up the tinted perfume along with the fragrance, transforming the petals slowly from ivory to a different color, while diffusing the fragrance upwards and into the surrounding area. The flower in this diffuser is made from natural, soft Sola Wood which is derived from the Tapioca plant. Each petal is individually hand carved, after which the petals are tied around a cotton wick to form a flower in full bloom. The Reeds are made from rattan and have a capillary action that also draws up the perfume and releases the fragrance in the same manner. The flower gives the perfume a more intense “” throw “” and continues to release the fragrance even after the liquid is used up.

Available in 8 fragrances: Frangipani, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Lotus, Opium, Orange Cinnamon, Rose.