The making of candles is an art as well as a science. A precise integration of the parts that add up to the sum of a luminous beauty. Maroma's candles are 100% hand crafted. People, not machines, make Maroma's candles special. Like people, candles also respond well to attention. Always keep a pillar candle of any size or diameter burning for a longer time when first burning it, to ensure good, even burning thereafter. Check the wick and help it to remain straight and centered by using a knife to gently coax it to the centre. Container candles take much less time for the top part of the wax to melt. Our container candles are all made of vegetal wax which is softer than paraffin wax , have a lovely smoke free burning and the wicks are self trimming. As the top wax melts quickly, help the wick to remain centered in the same way as for pillar candles.