Face Wash 150ml

100% Natural

Gently cleans while leaving your skin feeling soft & smooth.

Orange Flower Water base that soothes and replenishes the skin.

A rich blend of natural essential oils leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean.

Face Cream Scrub 50gms

100% Natural

This is a gentle exfoliating treatment for the face.

It lightly scrubs away dead skin and impurities and clears congested pores leaving skin clean, fresh and invigorated.

Face Wash Powder 5gms x 10 sachets

100% Natural

Lightly exfoliates as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving a healthy glow.

Fortified with turmeric which tones the skin and acts as a natural antiseptic.

Contains 10 sachets of 5 gms each