Aromatherapy Face Serums 50gms

100% Natural.The Aromatherapy Face serums are formulated to answer to different skin needs.

8 serums available:

  • Turmeric Serum : Exceptional Skin Benefits
  • Moringa Serum : Nutrient Rich
  • Saffron Serum: Antioxidant & Moisturizing
  • Apple Stem Serum: Anti- Ageing & Anti Wrinkle
  • Anti Aging Serum: Anti- Ageing & Anti Wrinkle
  • Uplifting Serum: Uplifting and Firming
  • Lightening Serum: Lightening and Hydrating
  • Under Eye Serum: Anti-wrinkle and Firming

Men Serum 30ml

Hydrating and Lightening.Aloe Vera forms a protective layer that seals in moisture to prevent dehydration and promotes healing. Vitamin E content prevents damage to the skin cells by UV rays.Cucumber Extract tightens and firms the skin to revitalize it and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.Vitamin C Extract prevents and repairs skin from environmental damage, especially the sun.