Coconut Face Cream 50gms

100% Natural. Blended with natural essential oils, Organic Coconut Creams are highly moisturizing. 2 creams available:

  • Coconut Day Cream
  • Coconut Night Cream

Aromatherapy Face Cream 50gms

100% Natural.
The aromatherapy face creams are made with several natural oils which have each specific properties.

2 creams available:

  • Night Face Cream – Moisturizing : Geranium Clary Sage
  • Day Face Cream – Rejuvenating : Lavender Rosemary

Face Cream

These face creams are specially formulated for mature skin:

4 creams available:

  • Day Cream: Refreshing & Invigorating
  • Night Cream: Minimizing signs of aging
  • Frankincense Cream: Anti-Wrinkle, Firming.
  • Lightening Cream: Retaining elasticity

Indian Herbals Face Cream 50gms

100% Natural.

3 creams available:

  • Day Cream – Turmeric Oil and Saffron
  • Night Cream – Neem, Papaya and Pomegranate
  • Gel – Aloe Vera and Cucumber