Indian Herbals Face Cream 50gms

100% Natural.

3 creams available:

  • Day Cream – Turmeric Oil and Saffron
  • Night Cream – Neem, Papaya and Pomegranate
  • Gel – Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Indian Herbals Body and Massage Oil 100ml

100% Natural.

2 massage oils available:

  • Aloevera – for Sensitive Skin: Soothing.
  • Neem – for Normal to Oily Skin: Energizing.

Indian Herbals Soap 100gms

100% Natural.
Specially formulated with Aloevera known for its cooling and soothing properties, nourishes the skin leaving it soft and smooth. The Ylang Ylang oil contained in it helps in removing any excess oil from the skin leaving it refreshed.

Formulated with an exceptional blend of herbal extracts and essential oils, it calms and soothes the skin.

Indian Herbals Hair Oil 100 ml

100% Natural.

2 hair oils available:

  • Aloe Vera : For All Hair Types
  • Amla : For Dry Hair

Indian Herbals Shampoo 100ml

100% Natural.

Indian Herbals Shampoo with Aloevera is ideal for normal to oily hair and scalp. It is especially formulated to prevent excessive secretion of scalp oil and helps keep the hair thick and strong.

It nourishes and strengthens the hair. Formulated with a unique blend of herbal extracts and essential oils, it is a soft and gentle herbal hair care solution which can be used by all.

Indian Herbals Incense 8″ 10 sticks

100% Natural.

“Masala Batti”, an all natural traditional incense rolled with herbs and resins along with a blend of the finest aromatic herbal extracts, essential oils, gums, resins and sandalwood paste.These natural ingredients combine to produce a smooth, slow-burning incense.

No solvents are used.

Available in 3 fragrances: Kapha, Pita, Vata.