Men Shower Gel 100ml

100% Natural

Men Shower Gels are made with 100% natural botanical ingredients and formulated especially for men.

Available in 2 fragrances:

  • Cedar Lavender
  • Tonka Vetiver

Bath Essential Shower Gel 100ml

Bath Essential Shower Gels are a pure blending of natural goodness containing fragrances made with essential oils and botanical extracts.

We left out all the unnecessary stuff such as artificial preservatives and color. You won’t miss them. They just got in the way of our ingredients natural therapy.

Our Shower Gels naturally purify, gently cleanse and softly fragrance the skin with natural essential oils.

Available in 5 fragrances:

  • Rose : Uplifting – Cocoa Butter, Rose Petal Extract
  • Lavender : Refreshing – Rosemary Extract – 100% Natural
  • Sandalwood : Moisturizing – Kokum Butter, Turmeric and Basil
  • Frangipani : Toning – Pomegranate Extract
  • Cedarwood : Soothing – Oats and Aloe Extract – 100% Natural

Coconut Shower Gel 200ml

100% Natural

Organic Coconut Oil Shower Gel brings you the benefits of organic cold pressed coconut oil with added natural essential oils that nourish and moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean.

Bamboo Charcoal Shower Gel 200ml

100% Natural

Bamboo Charcoal Shower Gel is a pure blending of natural goodness containing fragrance that is blended with essential oils. Leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Essential Oils of Olibanum, Himalayan Cedarwood, Patchouli, Myrrh, Rosemary, Lemon, Basil , Ginger Grass , Juniper Berry.

Aromatherapy Shower Gel 200ml

100% Natural

Start and end your day with our refreshing range of Shower Gels made with all natural fragrances. Infused with the same blend of natural essential oils as our other Aromatherapy body care products these are added into a mild base, to cleanse and leave you feeling fresh.

Available in 2 fragrances:

  • Lavender Rosemary
  • Geranium Clary Sage