Colibri Roll on 9ml

Colibri Roll on is a natural insect deterrent.Use it freely to protect your body from insect bites outdoors or indoors.

Easy to carry with you.

It is completely non toxic.

Available in 2 fragrances:

  • Geranium
  • Lavender

Maroma Spa Pulse Rollon 9ml

Made with essentials oils, our blends and roll-on create a distinctive presence through their subtle and refined scents.

They are expertly blended to elicit a perfect balance, interplay, and synergy of pure natural essential oils renowned for their therapeutic, restorative, and aromatic properties.

Available in 9 fragrances:

  • Clear Thoughts – Helps quieten the mind, sharpen focus and enhance clarity
  • Happy Heart – Helps uplift the spirit and makes space for contentment and mirth
  • Joy – Helps elicit a sense of lightness and wholesomeness
  • Meditation – Helps center one’s consciousness to create an atmosphere for concentration and meditation
  • New Energy – Helps recharge the atmosphere and restores your energy
  • Purifying – Helps clear and cleanse the air in spaces and enclosures, imparting a refreshing fragrance
  • Quiet Mind – Helps calm a ruffled mind and restores its composure
  • Sweet Dreams – Helps create a relaxed atmosphere for restful sleep
  • Tranquility – Helps induce a sense of inner calm and well-being, even through a busy day and in a chaotic world