Baby Body and Massage Oil 100ml

100% Natural

Moisturizing & Soothing with Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Olive Oil & Avocado Oil.

Maroma baby massage oil is a non-greasy blend enriched with Vitamin E, which leaves the skin satiny smooth. Beautifully scented with a blend of natural essential oils, a gentle rub with it works to relax the body and promote calmness.

Keep your baby’s skin healthy by making a massage a part of your baby’s daily before or after bath routine.

We use only the finest quality, traditionally recommended oils that are safe, gentle, and effective.Made with Natural Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Basil, Orange Flower Absolute, Jasmine Absolute.

Suggested use:
Rub hands together vigorously to heat, dispense a coin sized amount of oil into the warmed palm of your hand, before application. Massage to skin using gentle circular strokes.

Body & Massage Oil 100ml

100% Natural

An aromatherapy massage with good oils stimulates nerves, tissues, muscles and organs of the body.It also stimulates blood circulation and regulates the metabolism while expelling toxins and fortifying the skin with nutrients.

The skin, the largest organ in the human body, is an indicator of inner health. Its suppleness and radiance is a testimony to your well-being.

The aromatherapy massage oils in this range are specially formulated to bring relief and induce healing through restoring energy and systemic balance.

8 massage oils available :

  • Leg Toner : Soothing and Cooling
  • For Men : Harmonizing and Balancing
  • Rhythmic Cycles : Uplifting and Balancing for Women
  • Unwind : Calming and Relaxing
  • Slim Lines : Stimulating and Cleasing
  • Supple Movement : Warming and Stimulating
  • Smooth Transition: Toning and Calming for Women
  • Enriching Sesame : Moisturizing and Toning

Bath Essential Body & Massage Oil 100ml

Bath Essential Body & Massage Oils have been inspired by age old recipes and contain the goodness of various nutrient rich base oils including Sesame Oil, blended with natural essential oils, which are quickly absorbed leaving skin tissue smooth and deeply moisturized.

Available in 5 fragrances:

  • Rose : Uplifting – Rose Petal Extract
  • Lavender : Balancing – Rosemary Extract – 100% Natural
  • Sandalwood : Moisturizing – Turmeric and Basil Extract
  • Frangipani : Toning – Pomegranate Extract
  • Cedarwood : Soothing – Aloe Butter – 100% Natural

Men Body Oil 100ml

100% Natural

These nutrient rich blends of botanical carrier oils and essential oils are easy to apply and their nurturing benefits are quickly absorbed. Your skin is left smooth, deeply moisturized and pleasantly fragrant after every application.

Available in Cedar Lavender.