Men Body Lotion 100ml

This body lotion is made with a 100% natural moisturizing base of sesame oil and natural glycerine.

Available in Orange Patchouli.

Bath Essential Body Lotion 100ml

Bath Essential Body Lotions are a pure blending of natural goodness containing fragrances made with essential oils along with Sesame Oil and natural Glycerine, a nourishing moisturizer.

Available in 2 fragrances: Sandal and Rose.

Colibri Body Lotion 100ml

100% Natural. Colibri Body Lotion contains a blend of 15 natural essential oils and Margosa oil. The body lotion with SPF 25 is an effective insect deterrent in a moisturizing lotion suitable for delicate skin. It disperses a fresh fragrance while protecting you and is completely non toxic.

Coconut Body Lotion 200ml

100% Natural. Give a youthful glow to the skin with our Organic Coconut Oil Body Lotion with its highly moisturizing and nourishing qualities that leave the skin feeling soft.

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