Aromatherapy Bath Salts 60gms

100% Natural.

These natural bath salts are meticulously formulated from the purest natural ingredients. Our aromatics are achieved through a sensitive blending of many essential oils. This results in a multiplicity of attributes that take aromatherapy and bathing to an enriched new level. Best of all, these nurturing effects continue working throughout the entire day or night. The salts ease muscle tension. Our essential oils nourish your skin and the natural aromatics restore and promote an inner sense of relaxation and well being.

Available in 3 fragrances: Lavender Rosemary, Lemon peppermint, Geranium Clary Sage.

Bath Essential Bath Salts 60gms

Our Bath Salts are a pure blending of natural goodness containing only mineral-rich salts and a fragrance enriched with essential botanic extracts. They eases sore muscles while nourishing your skin and aromatically promoting a relaxed sense of well being.

Available in 4 fragrances: Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose, Sandal.