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This fiscal year 2015-16 has been year of milestones and memories for Maroma. Both in terms of business and developments, there has been good progress. With a deep understanding of consumer trends, Maroma continued to drive innovations in Natural Body Care Products and Home fragrances that are formulated and designed to delight, every step of the way .The annual report is a good platform to share our journey with the stakeholders and the Auroville Community.


We have introduced new products:

  • Under eye serum
  • Under eye gel
  • Uplifting serum
  • Honey serum
  • Lightening serum
  • Men lightening serum
  • Aromatherapy line 4 fragrances (Shampoo, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Massage Oil, Hair Oil, Creams, Body Butter, Hand Cream)
  • Face Cream scrub
  • KOLIBRI line (Body Spray, Coil, Incense, and Sachet) for the USA Market.
  • Baby Powder
  • Two new fragrances added to our 100% natural line Incense and cones.


We have conducted five trainings in house this year

  • Fair trade and company policy awareness to workers
  • Fair trade and company policy awareness to suppliers
  • Fire fighting programs for staff and workers.
  • A group of employees were trained for First aid Support.
  • Discussion of ESI and its benefits to employees and how to avail them


We have a certified Multi Purpose Health Worker appointed in our organization this year who can attend to minor injury dressings and also check blood pressure and temperature for workers and staffs when required.  She has also completed an internship in midwifery.


Maroma continues to expand and strengthen its presence in new geographical markets. This year we appointed a new distributor in South Korea. In the coming years we also want to concentrate the maximum on the all India market.


Colored waste water Bio-Remediation

The colored waste water from potpourri was treated in June 2015. There were 3 barrels containing 400liters which were treated with Consortia Probiotics technology (CPT), fulfilling the Indian standards for waste water surface disposal.


We are using 100% green energy. Windmill generation is put into the main grid off setting all of Auroville electricity usage.


In 2015-16, we achieved a turnover of INR 14.35 Crores. We have completed the financial audit in the month of June. Our employee strength remained the same as last year. This year we contributed INR 69.69Lakhs to the Auroville Community, 3.07lakhs in kind, 3.36lakhs was given towards Education/Schools in Auroville for a total contribution of 76.40lakhs.

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