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The fiscal year 2014-15 has been year of milestones and memories for Maroma. Both in business and in developments, there has been a good progress. During the year, Maroma has continued to elevate its position in key markets like USA, the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Maroma continues to expand and strengthen its presence in new geographical markets. A significant milestone this year was to have our own ecommerce website.

The annual report is a good platform to share our journey with the stakeholders and the Auroville Community.


We have introduced new products:

  • Serums – Men skin lightening serum / Aromatherapy skin lightening serum (Unisex) / Uplifting & rejuvenating serum / Anti wrinkles & Nourishing serum / Under eye serum / Under eye gel.
  • Moringa Line – Shampoo / Shower gel / Body lotion / Hair conditioner / Body oil / Hair oil and Soap.
  • Body scrub & wraps – 3 variants.
  • Diaper cream for baby.
  • Lip balm – 3 variants.
  • After shave gel.
  • Lightening cream.
  • Sanitizing gel – 2 variants.
  • Colibri body gel.
  • Reed Diffusers with natural flowers + reeds.
  • Aromatherapy Geranium Clary sage body care Line – Shampoo, Shower gel, Hair Conditioner, Body oil, Body butter, Hand Cream, Face cream day and Night.
  • Sama Line : Body Lotion – 3varients / Shower Gel – 3varients.
  • Men Line: Body Lotion – 4varients.
  • True line heart shape soap – 9varients.


We participated in the WFTO Asia training program for guaranteed systems held at Delhi. We started working on the guaranteed certification.


We want to concentrate the maximum in local marketing for the coming years and as a step towards this we have launched our e-commerce website in November 2014.


As a step forward to minimize the carbon footage, we have added one more 15kva solar power inverter to generate solar power electricity. Maroma now generates 30kva solar power which is utilized for our lighting purposes. we started replacing normal Air conditions with Inverter A/c’s and continue to replace regular tube lights with LED lights in all production areas. This new step reduces about 25 to 30% of our daily Electrical consumption. We are working dedicatedly to increase the role of solar energy in our daily power consumption.


The scrapped perfumes which have been stored for the past 25 to 30 years were treated on 24th October 2014.  The treatment were performed by MGEco Duties ,  Auroville. There were 15 barrels with 220liters each, for a total of 3,300liters were treated with Consortia Probiotics technology (CPT), and properly disposed in to the soil.


In 2014-15, we did a turnover of INR 14.83 crores. We have completed the financial audit in the month of July. Our employee strength remained the same as last year. This year we contributed INR 67 lakhs to the Auroville community.

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