Paul Pinthon, CEO

Paul Pinthon, the founding CEO of Maroma, is French, and was trained in the field of pharmacy. With a few friends he seeded a micro-enterprise in 1976, and so the future Maroma began – with a fragrance called ‘Encens d’Auroville. As Paul describes it, “We were pioneers in the world of Auroville business, without any experience, but we had no fear of the present or the future, or our lack of money. We started the unit because we wanted to create a beautiful product.”


Laura Reddy, CEO

In 1984, Laura Reddy, an American with training in Aromatherapy in France, joined Maroma. Working together with Paul, they re-cast Maroma into a successful manufacturer and exporter of a range of quality aromatic products made from natural botanical substances. “It was slow and hard work,” adds Laura, “but we both felt a very strong aspiration to make it come alive. Paul Pinthon and Laura Reddy have two things in common – a thirst for perfection and a creative impulse which they turn whole-heartedly towards success. This collaborative synergy in Maroma’s management has carried the fledgling unit that started modestly but with a dream, through a phase of dynamic growth and expansion.


The fine French art of composing perfectly balanced natural fragrances is evident in all Maroma’s products, and a refined dynamism which is the hallmark of this flourishing business enterprise today. The Maroma products also carry the multi-dimensionality of ancient India, the obvious French-American link, and what the CEOs are most proud of – the free spirit of Auroville.

Roma Hira – General Manager

Roma Hira, born & brought up in Calcutta, in a business family that imported fine French perfumes into India. Her “connection from the heart” with Maroma was instant from the moment she first visited the unit in 1977. Over the years she remained connected, traveling to various Indian cities marketing Maroma products. In 1994 she joined the company as General Manager.


Namrita Gautier – Design Director

Trained as a Textile designer turned to graphic designing on coming to Auroville. As design director for Maroma she tries to keep the packaging simple to reduce visual clutter, so that it reflects the products attributes of promoting well being and Inner balance. She believes in a philosophy that more can be done with less- less material, fewer processes that consume energy and resources, reflecting the company’s goal of reducing Eco-Footprints without being self- righteously green.


Among Maroma 80 employees, learn more on some of them who are with us for more than 25 years


Lakshmi started as a stenographer in 1988. She was probably the 1st graduate woman who came to live in Kuilapalayam after getting married. She joined Maroma and has been part of the team ever since. Laura Reddy our CEO was taking care of all the administration work, and worked with Lakshmi to prepare the documentation for export and domestic sales. Today Lakshmi is the Export Manager for Maroma! She is grateful for all she learned and the responsibility she now holds. She feels privileged to be part of the Maroma team.



Kala joined in December of 1991 as a typist. At that time there was only a handful of people in the company and everybody did whatever work that was required to be done. She worked as a receptionist, in sales, and also assisted Lakshmi with paperwork for export orders. It was a time of learning and immense growth for her. She had joined work immediately upon graduation, and she is grateful for all the practical knowledge and experience she gained in these early years with Maroma. Working at Maroma brought discipline in her life. It is this feeling of being part of the family that she likes best about her work.



Moorthy started as a Gardener in 1987 and today he is the Production Manager. As Maroma expanded, he began pouring candles and dipping incense. As he took on more responsibility in different areas of production, it was natural that when the production manager left, Moorthy took charge of production and eventually became Production Manager. Moorthy shared that he had only a basic school education when he started at Maroma, with simple English skills; however, he learned and grew with each experience. Working at Maroma has instilled great confidence in him, which has taken him much further ahead in life, than he had ever dreamt of when he started to work here. With all that he has learned over the years, he feels he has progressed inwardly and has a financial stability. He now has a good home and is able to send his 2 daughters to a good school and give them an education which will take them far in life.



Antoni joined Maroma on November 1989 as a junior accountant. When the company expanded and starting to export its products, he studied and took a course on Export and Import Organization Policies of the Central Government of India to be able to manage the needs of the growing company. According to him, the growth of the company and his own growth are closely linked. He now leads a team of 3 and works as a senior accountant. He has to constantly be up to date with all the changes in government regulations and policies to best guide his team. This keeps his mind active and energetic. Also, the work atmosphere at Maroma is quiet, peaceful, and familial. According to Anthoni, he has always felt part of a larger family at Maroma and that has contributed to both his growth and happiness.



Muthukrishnan joined in 1987 as a gardener and was soon moved to the candle section where he learnt the intricacies of candle making. He also worked in powder mixing and cone making and in the packing and loading section. He continues to work in these various departments. The salary that he received at Maroma, which was much higher than that given in the surrounding area at that time, helped him take good care of his family. He is always appreciative of the excellent working conditions and the care that he has received over the last 30 years as part of the Maroma family.



Mani joined as a gardener in 1977 and then went onto being a Vandi driver, picking up and dropping off goods at the lorry service. When Maroma started assembling gift sets of 24 incense packets in a leather bag, Mani took care of the production. In the earlier days, he did all the organization and performed the Ayudha Puja for the company. He started his life in Kuilapalayam village with very little education, and he learned a lot from being part of the team in Maroma. According to him, Maroma is his life, and he would not have achieved all that he has if it was not for the help he received from Maroma, both financially and materially. He was able to educate his children in Auroville schools, and one of his sons is an Aurovilian and an active participant in the community. Mani today is in charge of the packing section and pasting of incense packets in a separate production area.