Paul Pinthon, CEO

Paul Pinthon, the founding CEO of Maroma, is French, and was trained in the field of pharmacy. With a few friends he seeded a micro-enterprise in 1976, and so the future Maroma began – with a fragrance called ‘Encens d’Auroville. As Paul describes it, “We were pioneers in the world of Auroville business, without any experience, but we had no fear of the present or the future, or our lack of money. We started the unit because we wanted to create a beautiful product.”


Laura Reddy, CEO

In 1984, Laura Reddy, an American with training in Aromatherapy in France, joined Maroma. Working together with Paul, they re-cast Maroma into a successful manufacturer and exporter of a range of quality aromatic products made from natural botanical substances. “It was slow and hard work,” adds Laura, “but we both felt a very strong aspiration to make it come alive. Paul Pinthon and Laura Reddy have two things in common – a thirst for perfection and a creative impulse which they turn whole-heartedly towards success. This collaborative synergy in Maroma’s management has carried the fledgling unit that started modestly but with a dream, through a phase of dynamic growth and expansion.


The fine French art of composing perfectly balanced natural fragrances is evident in all Maroma’s products, and a refined dynamism which is the hallmark of this flourishing business enterprise today. The Maroma products also carry the multi-dimensionality of ancient India, the obvious French-American link, and what the CEOs are most proud of – the free spirit of Auroville.

Roma Hira – General Manager

Roma Hira, born & brought up in Calcutta, in a business family that imported fine French perfumes into India. Her “connection from the heart” with Maroma was instant from the moment she first visited the unit in 1977. Over the years she remained connected, traveling to various Indian cities marketing Maroma products. In 1994 she joined the company as General Manager.


Namrita Gautier – Design Director

Trained as a Textile designer turned to graphic designing on coming to Auroville. As design director for Maroma she tries to keep the packaging simple to reduce visual clutter, so that it reflects the products attributes of promoting well being and Inner balance. She believes in a philosophy that more can be done with less- less material, fewer processes that consume energy and resources, reflecting the company’s goal of reducing Eco-Footprints without being self- righteously green.