This fiscal year 2016-17 has been year of milestones and memories for Maroma. Both in terms of business and developments, there has been good progress. Maroma continues to adapt to meet the needs of a changing world. A combination of factors such as globalization, digitalization and the need for greater sustainability are reshaping consumer behavior with regard to Body Care and Home fragrance products. In response to changing needs and expectations, we continue to deliver products of the highest quality and safety, while remaining acutely conscious of the need to protect natural resources.  The annual report is a good platform to share our journey with stakeholders and the Auroville Community.


We have introduced new products:

  1. Face Cream Scrub
  2. Baby Powder (without talc)
  3. Hair serum
  4. Anti-Aging serum


This year we completed renovating our Incense rolling work place, built an advanced and sophisticated Dryer room with 4 new de-humidifier machines for incense stick drying, and also a spacious, area for Powder mixing, which adds more space and ensures that our employees continue to work in well ventilated areas.


A significant milestone this year was to have the WFTO Guaranteed Certification, to get which, we successfully completed the required audit. Maroma is now a “Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization” and eligible to state this on it’s products.


We have conducted five trainings in house this year

  1. Fair trade and company policy awareness for workers
  2. Training provided for safety handling of Incense Rolling machine
  3. Fair trade and company policy awareness for suppliers
  4. Fire fighting programs for staff and workers.


At the core of our success are our people. We do not view our employees as ‘resources’; we consider them our most valuable assets. We Endeavour to  keep them engaged and inspired. At Maroma, we believe that our employees are more satisfied with their work, tend to stay longer, and are more productive and committed. This year employees received 10% increments, bonus. Loans are provided to employees on request. We had a few new employees and a few employees resigned due to Marriage or Personal reasons.


One of the most notable trends that we are witnessing today is the digital revolution. We see this as having significant impact on consumer behavior and market structure moving into the future.

As more and more consumers access the internet, it is becoming a key channel for gathering information, arriving at purchase decisions and transacting online. Recognizing this as an opportunity, Maroma is pursuing an aggressive e-commerce and digital marketing strategy to promote, market, and sell its products online.


At Maroma, we are committed to protecting the environment by continuously reducing waste emissions into the air, land and water. The steps taken towards conservation of energy include installation of wind powered exhaust fans in our new high roofed Incense rolling and Powder mixing area, upgrading CFL  bulbs to LED Tube lights, replacing normal Air Conditioners with Inverter A/c’s.


During the year, a host of initiatives were undertaken in our manufacturing processes to add production capacity while bringing down cost and reducing our impact on environment through conservation of energy and reduction of wastages.


We have been awarded a certificate of Appreciation by the Government of India, Ministry of Finance, and Department of Revenue in recognition of our contribution as a top tax payer in Central Excise on the occasion of their 73rd Central Excise day 2017.


We participated in the WFTO-Asia Fair Trade Summit, held in October 2016, at the Sampran Riverside Hotel in Thailand. This event presented an opportunity to work together with WFTO-Asia. for the development of Fair Trade.


In 2016-17, we achieved a turnover of INR 21.43 Crores. We have completed the financial audit for this in the month of June. Our employee strength remained the same as last year. This year we contributed INR 74.06 Lakhs to the Auroville Community, plus INR 3.59 lakhs in kind, for a total contribution of INR 77.65 lakhs.