2013-14 was a good year for Maroma. Both in business and in developments, there has been a good progress. We learn that by overcoming any challenges, it has been shown to provide the necessary lessons to continue growing while adapting to the changing markets. While continuing to provide clean, well ventilated work areas and toilets and dining area for our workers, we provided exhaust fan and mats. The annual report is a good platform to share our journey with the stakeholders and the Auroville Community.


We have introduced new products:
50ml Lavender line Eau De Toilettes
Body scrub & wraps – 3 variants
Diaper cream for baby
Lip balm – 3 variants
After shave gel
Lightening cream
Sanitizing gel – 2 variants
Colibri body gel
Reed Diffusers with natural flowers + reeds.


Our fourth De-humidifier room was installed after constructing a new room of 21 meter square to help process the drying of Cones, Spirals and Incense leaves, as we have a very humid climate all year around.


We now have a new eight line batch coding printer in the production. This brings our batch and barcode machine to 2 in our packing section.


We upgraded to a fast and well equipped server to improve the system efficiency, storage, backup and security of our office Data.


We installed a new online server for accounting/inventory purposes. We have customized new reports with respect to sales.


In May 2013, our CEO’s visited Thailand with a view to contacting suppliers of various items that could be of used in combination with our products. They also explored possibilities of exporting our products to Thailand. They returned to India with a product list and other details from various suppliers and subsequently placed order for our diffuser product lines.


We want to concentrate the maximum in local marketing for the coming years and as a step towards this we have joined in taking some place in a new shop at St Lauren Street, Pondicherry in December 2013, run by another Auroville unit.


In 2013 we started replacing regular tube lights with LED lights in all production areas. This new step reduces about 20% of our daily Electrical lighting power consumption. We are working dedicatedly to increase the role of solar energy in our daily power consumption.


In 2013 we did a turnover of INR 13 crores. We have completed the financial audit in the month of July. Our employee strength remained the same as last year. This year we contributed INR 38 lakhs to the Auroville community.