It has been an eventful year for Maroma, Auroville. We have done great business both in economics and efficiency. It has been incidental that our Fair Trade Certifications success and financial success were mutual and complimentary. Many things have happened over this year – New Products, infrastructural improvements and new policies. Like every year, the annual report is a good platform to share our journey with the stakeholders and the Auroville Community.


As a step towards health and safety of our workers in rolling and soap packing departments we have introduced new indigenous machines. This has greatly reduced the risk of ergonomic and related health hazards amongst our workers.

On 9th May we held a suppliers and employee awareness meet on Fair Trade principles and movement.


We have introduced new products:
50ml Men Eau De Toilette
Deodorant Liquid
Sun Screen lotion/ creams
Colibri lotion with Sun Screen
Polycarbonate tea light color candles
Reformulating-Body Care products to be as natural as possible.
New Designed Luminary Candles
Infrastructure improvements
We have introduced the following indigenous machinery to improve the efficiency and hygiene of our body care and home fragrances departments:
Incense rolling machine
Powder mixing machine
Powder Sifter machine
Soap wrapping machine
Chiller plant


Our sister concern Maroma USA in US qualified to become member of the Fair Trade Federation US.


Maroma has taken a big step towards sustainable energy consumption. As part of this we have installed 3nos of 5KVA grid for solar power generated electricity. This new step contributes about 10% of our daily Electrical energy consumption. We are working dedicatedly to increase the role of solar energy in our daily power consumption.
We have replaced 35% of our traditional lighting system with LED lighting systems this reduces the power consumption by 50%.


There were supplier visits to Delhi, Agra and Firozabad for ceramic, metal, soap stone and glassware materials for product developments.

Maroma also made a policy for supply chain management. This implies that Maroma will monitor and manage suppliers who have 50% or more stake with Maroma and vise versa .
As part of sustainable developments Maroma is doing research and data collection on its two environmentally sustainable product raw materials like wax and saw dust.
As a continual step towards using sustainable raw materials we have started asking sustainable back ground of materials we source from our suppliers. Therefore we are working with our palm wax suppliers to have them pursue certification.


This financial year we did a turnover of INR 18 corers. We have completed the financial audited reports in the month of June. This year we contributed INR 59 lakhs for the Auroville community.